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17.11.2018Alvis experimental 1928

Alvis Experimental 1928
Alvis Experimental 1928© Saalbach-Classic

This wonderful and uniqe Alvis experimental 1928 was built by E.B.Thompson more than 90 years ago. Later of Brooklands fame this Alvis already had a lot of technical features which became state of the art only many years later.


Saalbach-Classic© Saalbach-Classic

Come rain, come sunshine. We just had two hours of heavy rain this year at the Saalbach-Classic Rally - and we managed to sit it out on the first evening, enjoying excellent dinner while our beauties were cleaned automatically...

04.11.2018Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Saalbach-Classic© Saalbach-Classic/Zipser

This magnificent road once again will be on the map for the 2019 Saalbach-Classic Rally. One of the most beautiful mountain roads in Europe is a very popular part of the rally, which will begin on Wednesday, 20 June 2019.