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26.11.2018Triumph TR 250

Triumph TR 250
Triumph TR 250© Saalbach-Classic

This highly competitive Triumph TR 250 was delivered to California in 1968, later came back to Austria and was in competition at the Scottish Malts, Winter Raid and Jungfrau Rally this season.

17.11.2018Alvis experimental 1928

Alvis Experimental 1928
Alvis Experimental 1928© Saalbach-Classic

This wonderful and uniqe Alvis experimental 1928 was built by E.B.Thompson more than 90 years ago. Later of Brooklands fame this Alvis already had a lot of technical features which became state of the art only many years later.


Saalbach-Classic© Saalbach-Classic

Come rain, come sunshine. We just had two hours of heavy rain this year at the Saalbach-Classic Rally - and we managed to sit it out on the first evening, enjoying excellent dinner while our beauties were cleaned automatically...

04.11.2018Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Saalbach-Classic© Saalbach-Classic/Zipser

This magnificent road once again will be on the map for the 2019 Saalbach-Classic Rally. One of the most beautiful mountain roads in Europe is a very popular part of the rally, which will begin on Wednesday, 20 June 2019.

26.10.2018 Jaguar E-Type Roadster V12

Saalbach-Classic Jaguar E Type Roadster V12
Saalbach-Classic Jaguar E Type Roadster V12© Saalbach-Classic

One of the most popular designs from Jaguar, presented in Geneva in 1961, the E-Type still remains a true classic. Saalbach is proud to welcome this wonderful V12-Roadster for the 2019 edition of the Saalbach-Classic Rally.