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24.07.2014The Grossglockner High Alpine Road

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road
The Grossglockner High Alpine Road© Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

The most famous alpine road leads you into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park, to the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798m) and its glacier, the Pasterze. You will have a driving and nature experience of a special kind on 48 kilometres of high alpine road with 36 bends, and an altitude ascent to 2,504 metres.
You pass through a unique world of mountains with blossoming alpine meadows, fragrant mountain forests, massive cliffs and eternal ice to the foot of the Grossglockner, the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. Saalbach-Classic Rally will be there!
The Grossglockner-leg starts on Friday 22 August at 7.31 am from the starting ramp at Saalbach.

21.07.2014Lancia Aprilia 1937

Lancia Aprilia 1937
Lancia Aprilia 1937© Saalbach Classic

The Lancia Aprilia was one of the first automobiles designed using windtunnel in close collaboration with Battista Farina. A very rare first series model will enter Saalbach-Classic just three months after sucessfully participating in the 2014 Mille Miglia.

29.06.2014French beauty – Rally NCP

Rally NCP 1932
Rally NCP 1932© Saalbach-Classic

The „Automobiles Rally“ company was founded in 1921 by Mr. Eugène A. Asnière in the northwestern suburbs of Paris. Rally competed with other French cyclecar makers such as Amilcar, Salmson and B.N.C. From 1931 the 1,300cc twin-cam Salmson S4 unit was used in the new N-series. One of those very rare sporting Rally NCP models (courtpuissée – short and powerful) will be at Saalbach in August 2014.

02.06.2014Jaguar XK 150

Jaguar XK 150
Jaguar XK 150© Saalbach Classic

The Jaguar XK sports cars were manufactured between 1948 and 1961. It was Jaguar`s first sports car since the SS 100, which ceased production in 1940. Following the XK 120 and the XK 140 from 1958 the new XK 150 was radically revised, featuring a one-piece windscreen, a widened bonnet, four-wheel Dunlop 12 inch disc brakes and a 3781 cc engine producing 269 hp.

21.05.2014Mercedes 300 SL Roadster

Mercedes 300 SL Roadster
Mercedes 300 SL Roadster© Saalbach Classic

A race car for the street – that was the 300 SL Gullwing, which was followed from 1957 by the 300 SL Roadster. The original 300 SL scored race wins at the 24 hours of Le Mans, in Bremgarten, in the Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring and in Mexico`s Carrera Panamericana. A wonderful 300 SL Roadster is brought to the starting ramp at Saalbach by a German enthusiast.