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20.08.2014Team-Trophy for Saalbach-Classic

Bugatti T51
Bugatti T51 © Saalbach-Classic

THE WILD FIVE  2 Wiedner 3 Wiedner 5 Klenk 6 Schäfer 7 Sedlmeier
MIDLIFE CRUISER 12 Kunz 14 Geyer 20 Grundner 45 Klackl 47 Lippitsch
VREDESTEIN 50 Mitterdorfer 52 Kristen 58 Brachinger 67 Fessl 69 Matzke
OVERDRIVE 11 Schacherleitner 24 Kolling 27 Komaromy 33 Letzbor 40 Schmied

17.08.2014Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

Porsche Carrera RS 2.7
Porsche Carrera RS 2.7© Saalbach Classic/Porsche

With the Carrera RS 2.7, Porsche had a super power sports car in its  sales program. The customer demand for the "RS" was so high, that in the end, 1525 of the 210 HP sports cars were produced. Walter Roehrl as Honorary President of Saalbach-Classic will drive one of those beauties from 1972.© Saalbach Classic

Passion for vintage cars and historic race cars. That is the power behind a wonderful website called (double-clutch). Famous Swiss photographer Dani Reinhard and his friends created this gem of a website. Reinhard is a professional photographer in motorsports. His career started at the 1979 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Since then he has attended more than 500 Grand Prix of Formula 1. will follow Saalbach-Classic and You will find the best shots on that Website.

11.08.2014Information and starting list online

Saalbach Classic 2014
Saalbach Classic 2014© Saalbach Classic

Check for informations and starting list: button Saalbach Classic Rallye - Informations/Results


Lagonda M45  1934
Lagonda M45 1934© Saalbach Classic

Lagonda is a British luxury car marque established in 1906, which was owned by Aston Martin since 1947. The first of the company`s sports models was launched in 1925. Later the 4.5-litre M45 with Meadows-supplied 6-cylinder tuned engine achieved victory at Le Mans in 1935.