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19.06.2018Saalbach-Classic 2018

Saalbach-Classic 2018
Saalbach-Classic 2018© Saalbach-Classic/Zipser

....first guests arrived at Saalbach

15.06.2018Saalbach-Classic 2018 - great roads in the alps

Saalbach-Classic 2018
Saalbach-Classic 2018© Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

...and our headquarter is very busy now. We are nearly ready to welcome our guests and expect the first teams to arrive at Saalbach on Tuesday already. They will enjoy an extra day or two in the fine countryside around Saalbach and it`s wonderful mountains.

10.06.2018Weather forecast nice and sunny

2018 Saalbach-Classic Rally
2018 Saalbach-Classic Rally© Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

Excellent weather conditions are predicted for the 6th running of the Saalbach-Classic Rally. We are happy !!

06.06.2018Team Trophy

Saalbach-Classic 2018
Saalbach-Classic 2018© Saalbach-Classic

Entries welcome, please let us know those five teams, who will compete in the team trophy .

03.06.2018Mountain calling

Saalbach-Classic 2018
Saalbach-Classic 2018© Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

Everything is set and done, Saalbach-Classic is only 3 weeks away...