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25.04.2018Rally feeling from the sixties

Mercedes 230 SL  1964
Mercedes 230 SL 1964© Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

They really are classic car enthusiasts. Monika and Karsten Wohlenberg from Germany have an enormous collection of trophies at home. Every single event they enter, you bet they will be amongst the top five at least.....

22.04.2018Maserati Mistral 1966

Maserati Mistral 1966
Maserati Mistral 1966© Saalbach-Classic

The Maserati Mistral is a 2-seat grand turismo produced by Maserati between 1963 and 1970.It was styled by Frua and bodied by Maggiora of Turin. Walther Wawronek from Austria will fight for the trophy in category 5 (1966-1972).

20.04.2018Bentley Mk 6 from 1927

Bentley 6 litre speed 8 1927
Bentley 6 litre speed 8 1927 © Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

Glory days for Bentley. Winning the 24 hours of Le Mans between 1927 and 1930 made a legend to this very day. This wonderful Bentley Speed 6 from 1927 will carry starting number 2 for the Saalbach-Classic 2018.

16.04.2018Grossglockner calling

Großglockner High Alpine Road  Saalbach-C. 2018
Großglockner High Alpine Road Saalbach-C. 2018© Grossglockner Hochalpenst

In winter it`s cold and frosty and loads of snow cover the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria`s most beautiful region. For several weeks men and machines - unlike in the old days... - work their way to the top in more than 2500 m altitude. The reopening after a long winter break is scheduled for May, 1st !!

10.04.2018Riley Two Seater Sportscar 1938

1938 Riley Two Seater Sports
1938 Riley Two Seater Sports© Saalbach-Classic

Riley was a British motorcar and bicycle manufacturer from 1890. The business began in Coventry and produced some of the most fascinating cars of the time.