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02.04.2018Lancia Aurelia B 20 1951

Lancia Aurelia B 20  1951
Lancia Aurelia B 20 1951© Saalbach-Classic/Zipser

The 2-door B20 appeared in 1951. It had a shorter wheelbase than thef irst Aurelias and a Ghia-designed, Pininfarina-built body. Jürgen Eichhorn from Bavaria is a regular entry to Saalbach-Classic from the very first day back in 2013.

26.03.2018Saalbach-Classic 2018

Saalbach-Classic in the heart of the Alps
Saalbach-Classic in the heart of the Alps© Saalbach-Classic

Saalbach-Classic once again offers a great chance to see some of the most interesting cars very Close. The start of each leg right in the heart of Saalbach includes two regularity competitions for all competitors. Great fun and great show !

22.03.2018Ford Model A Speedster 1930

Ford Model A Speedster 1930
Ford Model A Speedster 1930© Saalbach-Classic

Back in the 1930s brave men tried to put the pedal to the metal under most difficult circumstances. One of the most famous cars of all time, the Ford Model A was used as race car bodied as a speedster. An excellent restored Model A  will be amongst the 80plus cars competing in one of the most popular regularity rallies. It runs through the heart of the alps in the Salzburg district / Austria - the Saalbach-Classic Rally 2018.

15.03.2018Lancia Lambda 1927 - a very special car

Lancia Lambda 1927
Lancia Lambda 1927© Saalbach-Classic/Reinhard

The Lancia Lambda was an innovative automobile produced from 1921 to 1931. Famous for it`s narrow-angle Aluminium V4-engine, SOHC design with a single camshaft, this Lambda was on the road in Italy, when the famous Mille Miglia still was in it`s early days...

10.03.2018Baroque Angel from Bavaria

BMW 3200 S  1963
BMW 3200 S 1963© Saalbach-Classic

The 501 and its derivatives, including the V8 powered 502, were nicknamed "Baroque Angels". This model the 3200 S with a 160 HP V8 comes from the north of Germany to Saalbach-Classic.