Participation Conditions

Saalbach-Classic is a Vintage Car Rally based on Regularity. All sports cars and passenger cars built up to and including 1972 are admitted. In addition to that the organiser is happy to accept cars of very special or historic interest built after 1972. Those cars should be reported to the organiser before application is made. The total distance is approximately 680 kilometres for three days.

Results of the Sports-Trophy are based on specific average speeds determined for every single Special Stage (SS). Average speeds are measured between secretly positioned timing-points. Every hundredth of a second difference will count for one penalty point.

To qualify for Saalbach-Classic all vehicles must have a road traffic permit and must be legal according to Austrian Road Code (STVO). Participation takes place after application on our website upon invitation by the organisers. The organisers reserve the right to refuse applications.


Wednesday, 20th to Saturday, 23rd June 2018


Saalbach Classic is a three day event. The prologue will start on Thursday late afternoon, the Großglockner-Leg on Friday morning, the Bavaria-Leg on Saturday morning totalling 650km and approximately 40 SS. See more details »


There will be two winners in the Sports-Trophy - one winner for all competing pre-war cars and one winner for all competing post-war cars.
Results will be given in a detailed record for:

  • Sports-Trophy (based on the results of the SS)
  • Team Trophy
  • Weekend-Trophy

Rating of cars

  • Era 1 up to 31.12.1935
  • Era 2 up to 31.12.1945
  • Era 3 up to 31.12.1955
  • Era 4 up to 31.12.1965
  • Era 5 up to 31.12.1972


Wednesday, 20.6. from 12:00 to 18:00
Thursday, 21.6. from 09:00 to 14:00

This schedule is mandatory. Driving licence and car documents have to be presented.

Technical Equipment

Concerning the equipment please notice our philosophy – only purely mechanical devices are permitted. Stopwatches and distance measurement equipment have to be old fashioned style according to the periods we love to represent on the roads. That excludes all digital instruments and electronic devices in any form.


Basically cars have to be free of advertisements. Only logos that are approved by the organisers are allowed – this also applies to jackets, caps and polo-shirts. Should your car carry advertising logos which you do not wish to be removed, the organiser will ask to mask these advertising logos for the time of the rally. In case you do not agree this might lead to the exclusion of the car from the final results.

Guaranteed spot for pre-war cars

The organisers are proud to confirm a guaranteed spot on the grid for all cars up to and including 1945. That guarantee is valid immediately after payment of the entry fee.


will be rewarded for...

  • The top three in each era
  • Ladies Trophy
  • Best driver under 30 years of age (Sports-Trophy)
  • Best team
  • Trophy for overall winner Prewar class & overall winner Post-war class

Entry Fee per car:  1.940,- €

  • Includes the following:
    • Participation fee for one car (Driver and Co-Driver)
    • Starting Numbers
    • Acceptance test
    • Drivers meeting
    • Goody-Bag
    • Roadbook
    • GPS data loggers for timekeeping and SMS-Service
    • Free car park with an attendant
    • Subsistence costs incl. beverages on all official location and events
    • Toll (Grossglockner, Rossfeld)
    • Prizes
    • Saalbach-Classic movie and pictures after the event on USB-Stick
  • Payment has to be made to:
    • Fürstauer GmbH, Saalbach Classic
      Raika Saalbach Hinterglemm Viehhofen, BLZ 35052, Konto 55 442
      IBAN: AT16 3505 2000 0005 5442
      BIC: RVSAAT2S052
    • Fürstauer GmbH, Saalbach Classic
      Volksbank Salzburg eG, BLZ 45010, Konto 06210 6133
      IBAN: AT264501000062106133

Team Trophy

Pre-condition for participation:

  • A team must be built up of 4 cars reported to the organisers by email until June 15, 2018 latest. That report has to specify starting number, car, driver, co-driver.
  • The team trophy will be rewarded to the best team of the Rally (based on the results of 3 cars of the team, 1 car/result will be deleted).


For those who may wish for a very relaxed Vintage Car Rally without stress, the organisers provide a special deal. All cars of the Weekend-Trophy start immediately after the Sports-Trophy. You will drive a shortened route with your roadbook, enjoy the countryside, some delicious surprises and more. There will be just 4 or 5 special stages in total, which are not mandatory. Entry fee is € 1.740,-


...of application will be sent by email after payment of the entry fee.


The owners and drivers of the participating vehicles must keep a valid insurance against all third party claims in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. Participants are responsible for all insurance. The organisers do not take any responsibility for personal or material damage. Drivers take full responsibility for any criminal or civil damage and the consequences during their participation in the event.


Please find a list of ****-Hotels situated around the centre of Saalbach:


Please book your accomodation directly at the hotel of your choice.