Saalbach-Classic Rally 2019
Exquisite vintage cars
and the legendary roads of the alps.

Carefully revving old engines, meeting friends, enjoying the mountains and having a chat with a World Rally Champion. This is the philosophy.

Saalbach-Classic Rally 2018 is a unique event in one of the most beautiful alpine regions in Austria.

The mountains around Saalbach offer everything an ambitious Rally driver may wish for.

Meeting a World Champion? No problem. President of Saalbach-Classic Rally is double World Rally Champion Walter Roehrl from Germany. A four time winner of Rally Monte Carlo, a Master of driving on the edge.

Nothing of outstanding speed will be needed for Saalbach-Classic. It is a regularity event held over three days. The route will cover more than 650 kilometres with approximately 40 regularity stages.

Great names will be on the entry list. Lagonda, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Bugatti, BMW, Invicta, Riley, Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, Veritas, Austin Healey, Fiat, Maserati, Rolls Royce – incredible cars from a time gone by.

This Vintage Car Rally will be run in a prologue and two legs. You will be assisted by your co-driver, your roadbook and a stopwatch, which will guarantee a lot of fun and an exceptional experience. The stages will provide the perfect setting for a great Classic Event.

Saalbach-Classic will take place on roads open to the public, with normal traffic, and the average speed of the cars must not exceed 50 Km/h.

Pre-war cars will be given a guaranteed slot on the entry list!